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Zack Pittman

Zack Pittman is a results-based growth advisor with an emphasis on sales training, leadership development, and strategic planning. Zack brings with him over fifteen years of experience in sales and sales management operations.

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As a Co-Founder of iCOR, Zack has a passion for sales and operational improvement, focusing on the development and execution of plans that align with organizational growth.

Prior to iCOR, Zack was the Vice President of Organic Growth at MarshBerry, the nation’s leading growth and advisory firm in the Insurance industry. As a leader of MarshBerry’s Organic Growth division, Zack worked with agencies and brokerages to build an infrastructure that would achieve growth and profitability goals, as well as working with them through the continued development and execution of that process.

Zack has a passion for helping his clients increase sales through a strategic growth plan, while improving culture and focusing on team development dynamics. Additionally, he’s driven to develop sales leaders and sales teams to help implement a successful and repeatable sales process while also assisting firms with organizational infrastructure, business planning and sales management.


Zack is a dynamic public speaker and facilitator, leading workshops focused on individual and professional development.

Zack holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing and marketing management from the University of Akron.

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