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Sales Training & Development Program

At iCOR, we've developed a Sales Training & Development Program that reflects the skills utilized by world-class and high-growth sales professionals across multiple industries. Our program is designed to help your customers succeed by providing a detailed approach on how to better understand their needs and consistently developing products or solutions that deliver results.

Our goal is to help teach customer interaction skills that enable sales people to lead mutually beneficial sales discussions with their prospects and clients - even when they are indifferent or have expressed concerns through the Sales Process.


Skills Developed:

  • Individual Business Planning

  • Value Proposition Development

  • Objection Handling

  • Building Rapport

  • Customer-Focused Approach

  • Create Awareness of Unrealized Needs with Questions

  • Initiates Compelling Sales Conversations

  • Deals with Resistance & Indifference

  • Pre-Call Planning

  • Understands Customer Needs

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