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captive insurance: mitigate risk more efficiently

For many mid-sized companies, commercial insurance can be a challenging and complex topic to tackle. Traditional insurance brings a lack of control and transparency with premiums, costs, and claims. At iCOR, we understand the impact that this lack of control can have on an organization's bottom line and people.

Traditional insurers cover a large portion of the risks business owners face, however, their policies are often limited or have excluded coverage. Implementing a Captive Insurance Plan mitigates the risks business owners take each day.

advantages of an 831(b) captive solution


Typical Captive
Member profile

The Captive Insurance Solution works for a variety of companies. We've found the most successful captive members possess qualities such as:

  • Long-term financial strength and stability as an organization

  • Leadership teams committed to safety, with structured programs in place.

  • Loss histories that are better than average for their respective industries

  • Entrepreneurial spirit with the drive to take more control over insurance programs

  • Annual casualty premiums of at least $250,000 (minimum $100,000).

Outdoor Restaurant Seats

captive industries

  • Manufacturing

  • Distribution

  • Construction

  • Trucking

  • Transportation

  • Retail

  • Food & Beverage Production

  • Hospitality

  • Healthcare Services

  • And More

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