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When you partner with iCOR, your business becomes our primary focus, from current state to future state. We work in sync with your team to provide the right programs, all supported by a team devoted to your success.

Experience tells us that your business needs and challenges of today won't be the same next year. Partnering with iCOR helps your Leadership Team think differently about Insurance and the impact it can have on your financials, your image, and your team's productivity.

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More than ever, market conditions rather than personal performance are dictating insurance pricing and terms.


Captive Risks are specialized insurance solutions that can help businesses achieve a greater level of security while generating additional tax benefits and revenues.

iCOR and our partners do everything from providing a feasibility study to make sure you are ready for a captive, to launching the captive and managing it long-term.


At iCOR, we understand that your personal risk management and insurance needs require the protection & guidance of a trusted guide. Our goal is to help you identify the right programs for you and your family, while preventing unnecessary risks while planning for your future together.

We want you to live your life and enjoy what matters most - let us handle the rest.

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