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Sales Training & Development

As a Sales Leader, how do you truly know if your team understands what has been presented to them?

As a Sales Leader, you strive to provide your sales team with the best tools, resources, and training available. But after all of the hours and countless sessions, how do you know that your team “gets it"?

I don't mean assume they get it simply because they were in attendance, but how do you KNOW they get it?

High-growth organizations have a continued emphasis on people development and understand the importance of training across the company as a whole. Not just new sales team members, not only the sales team - everyone across the board has their own personal development plan, individual goals, and they understand the role they all play in the success of the firm.

In today’s post-COVID environment, the focus on people development has heightened. Remote employees, virtual onboarding, and the lack of personal interaction has required organizations to review and potentially rebuild their personal development strategy.

As a leader, you want to assume the best of your team. And because you’ve invested in the training and development of your team, the easy assumption is that they will “get it", which will lead to immediate results and a change in behavior. The same can be said of Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs. As Leaders, we can assume that putting together KPIs for each team member will enable them to focus on accomplishing their goals and help provide a roadmap to do so. The hope is that all of these can be effective, but how do you know?

As a Leader, I want to remove any areas of uncertainty with my team's development. I don't want to build a development plan that is based on assumptions, but rather my ability to ask and know. The more I ask to SEE my team show me their understanding, the easier it is for me to KNOW if they truly "get it". It’s one thing for them to know what to do via training , but it’s another to show their understanding by displaying new sales skills & strategies.

Internal coaching & reinforcement can help your team apply their training & development factors into “real world” sales scenarios, helping to change behavior and infuse their new skills & concepts to your organizations established sales process.

For Leaders, the opportunities to reinforce learned concepts are presented frequently: 1-on-1 meetings, group huddles, meeting preparation, etc. We need to be comfortable roleplaying with our team to create real life tension and help prepare for each individual opportunity our team uncovers.

Minimize your assumptions and give your team the opportunity to truly show their understanding to prove they really do "get it".

iCOR partners with organizations who are committed to improving the capital of their companies by investing in their people & their overall development. Interested in learning more about iCOR Sales Training & Development programs? Contact us to get the conversation started!

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